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Management of MND

Information for health and social care professionals
This section has information to help health and social care professionals who are providing care and support for people living with motor neurone disease (MND).

Symptom management

Respiratory symptoms in MND

Information about evaluation and management.

Saliva problems in MND

Managing thin, watery saliva and thick saliva, mucus and phlegm

Aids and equipment

Wheelchairs for MND

Information about wheelchair assessments, types of wheelchairs and the Powered Neuro Wheelchairs.

Best practice

AAC for MND best practice guidelines for professionals

Guidelines for health and social care professionals on augmentative and alternative communication.

Care pathways and clinical guidelines

Care pathways and protocols produced by services from across the country.

Standards of care

An information and audit tool that helps health and social care professionals work towards achieving and maintaining the best possible standards of care for people with MND.

Providing medical evidence for benefit applications

Providing care

Information to help health and social care professionals provide medical evidence to support applications for employment/disability benefits made by people with MND.

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