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Personal experiences of people affected by MND

Over 5,000 people in the UK are facing life with MND. There are different types of the disease and everyones experience is unique.

Here, people with MND, their friends, family, carers, volunteers, and health and social care professionals, all share their personal experiences of the disease.

Would you like to share your experience of living with, or caring for someone with, MND? Submit your story.

Margaret Foster

Finding the strength for the battle

Jackie Oxley remembers her mum, Margaret.

Jenny Shaw

My lovely mum

Helen Docherty remembers her mum, Jenny.

Mahendra Parmar

Mahendra makes the most of life

Mahendra Parmar describes how the positivity of others rubs off on him.

Alison Aviss

A royal day out

Association volunteer, Alison Aviss, spreads the word with Royalty at Buckingham palace garden party.

Jim McQuillan

A difficult and lonely road

Pam McWuillan, gives an honest account of life as a full-time carer to her husband Jim.

Other Resources

  • You may also find our Online Forum useful. This provides a safe forum for all people affected by MND to share experiences and support each other with the challenges of living with the disease. If preferred, you can simply view the forum without joining.
  • You can also access other non-Association forums relevant to MND at Build UK and PatientsLikeMe.
  • At HealthTalkOnline, you can watch, listen to or read clips from people talking about their experiences of MND.
  • If you are living with progressive muscular atrophy (PMA) or primary lateral sclerosis (PLS) you may be interested in the PMA/PLS support group.
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