Mike Findley 1

I first realised I had a problem in September 2004 whilst having a shave and I found I couldn’t keep my arm up.

I was diagnosed with MND in June 2005, and it was hard to take at first. But I’ve always been a very confident and positive person – involved in my community and with various organisations – so I decided to continue life as normally as possible.

I feel I’m one of the lucky people as I have PMA a rarer and slower progressing form of MND, plus I’ve just been told by one of my consultants that there’s a strong possibility that the disease may not affect my legs. Instead of two to five years I could be looking at ten to 15.

In September 2005 along with family and friends we set up ‘The Mike Findley MND Fund’, which now has a website www.mikefindleymndfund.com.

We organise various events raising awareness and funds for research into MND, I’m continuing work as a local councillor, plus I help with local pensioners by organising monthly ‘Entertainment Afternoons’ and outings etc.

Life with MND really is worth living.

Browse through our events diary and get yourself involved in 2015.

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