Welcome to the MND Association’s news room, an online resource for journalists and media. Our aim is to encourage accurate and balanced reporting about motor neurone disease, the MND Association, and the issues that affect people with the disease.

The MND Association Press Office provides information to journalists on a wide range of issues associated with living with motor neurone disease.

For media enquiries please contact:

Emma Johns
Communications Manager
DD: 01604 611838
M: 07903 665614

Resources for Journalists

  • Journalist’s Guide to MND
    Learrn more about motor neurone disease including statistics.
  • Policy Statements
    Find out our position on the some of the big issues facing society and Government that affect people with MND.
  • Real Life Stories
    People with MND, their friends, family, carers, volunteers, and health and social care professionals, all share their personal experiences of the disease.
  • Press Releases
    See our latest releases and search our archives.
  • Our current campaigns
    These campaigns are aimed at raising awareness of MND and the work of the Association.
  • Logos
    Our Corporate Identity Guidelines

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