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Clinical Research Fellows


Our Lady Edith Wolfson Fellowship programme, in partnership with the Medical Research Council (MRC), is attracting and developing outstanding young clinicians in MND research in order to create future scientific leaders in this field.

Central to the MND Association's research strategy is the need to develop opportunities for the scientific training of young clinicians, to strengthen the links between the laboratory and the clinic.

The MRC/MND Association Lady Edith Wolfson Fellowships aim to support clinicians wishing to pursue research into the pathogenesis and treatment of motor neurone disease. Awards under this scheme are available at three levels:

Clinical Research Training Fellowships

The deadline date for round one is 13 January 2016
The deadline date for round two is 9 September 2015

Clinical Scientist Fellowships

The deadline date is 8 April 2015

Senior Clinical Fellowships

The deadline date is 8 April 2015

How to apply

The Lady Edith Wolfson Fellowships are administered by the MRC. Application forms can be found in the 'Guidance for applicants' section on the MRC website

For more information please read our Clinical Research Fellows document or see the MRC website. If you wish to discuss your proposed research area in advance of submission, please contact Dr Brian Dickie our Director of Research Development.

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