How to self-register as extremely vulnerable

Get MND on the List

The Government's policy is that people living with MND are not automatically registered as extremely vulnerable persons. However, people with severe respiratory problems should all be registered as extremely vulnerable, including people with MND who have respiratory or bulbar symptoms.

Clinicians can register their patients as extremely vulnerable. If you have been registered, you will receive a letter containing guidance on staying home and shielding from infection. We are encouraging clinicians to register their patients who have MND.

See below for steps to take in England, and headings for separate links in Northern Ireland and Wales, where guidance may differ.

If you live in England

If you live in England and have MND, you can self-register as extremely vulnerable. Visit and follow the steps shown below.

  • After confirming you live in England, and indicating if you’ve received a letter from the NHS or not, enter your details as requested.
  • When answering the third question, tick “Yes I have one of the medical conditions on the list” OR “my GP or hospital clinician has told me to ‘shield’”.
  • If you do not have someone to help access food, please remember to tick ‘No’ to the question ‘Do you have a way of getting essential supplies delivered at the moment?’

You can also register by calling 0800 028 8327. Please note that online registrations will be checked through your registered GP.

If you are not registered as extremely vulnerable, but you are concerned about being able to access food:

  • If you can, ask friends, family or neighbours who are well to go out and get food and other essentials for you.
  • If you need urgent help and have no other means of support, contact your local authority to find out what support services are available in your area. Local authorities have established dedicated helplines for support requests.
  • If you or a family member meet the criteria to get support from the NHS Volunteer Responders programme, you can call 0808 196 3646 and ask for help with food, prescriptions and essential items.
  • See our information about coronavirus for more details about getting support, including deliveries of food and supplies.

For further information on support to access food, please see the UK Government's guidance on Accessing food and essential supplies.

If you live in Northern Ireland

If you live in Northern Ireland the advice is different. See the guidance on shielding for extremely vulnerable people, as provided on the NIDirect Government Services site.

If you live in Wales

If you live in Wales find more information on shielding at Gov.Wales


For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262