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Have I got MND?

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“I found the MND Connect helpline invaluable…we were able to gain knowledge about the condition.” Person with MND

If you are worried that you may have MND, the questions and answers below may help.  If you do receive a diagnosis, support can be given to help you live life as fully as possible. We provide an overview about MND in our Introduction to motor neurone disease booklet, which is also available as an audio version. You may also find it helpful to read our page on Kennedy’s disease, if you have this condition which is similar to MND.

If my muscles twitch and ripple under the skin, does this mean I have MND?
I have tingling and numbness in my hands, feet and limbs, is this a symptom of MND?
I get very tired and seem to have no energy. Is this MND?
I keep tripping and one of my legs looks thinner than the other. Should I see my doctor?
My hands feel weak and stiff. I find it difficult to grip objects and sometimes drop things, could this be a symptom of MND?
My speech is slurred or faint, could this be a symptom of MND?
Swallowing is becoming difficult and I often cough when eating and drinking. Could this be a symptom of MND?
I'm having breathing problems and get breathless very easily, could this be a symptom of MND?
Other people have told me I'm behaving differently and I find it harder to concentrate and take in information. Could this be a symptom of MND?
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For further information and support, contact our MND Connect helpline:
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See our online forum for support and sharing with others affected by MND:
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