Janet (Jan) Warren – Vice Chair

Jan Warren

My journey into MND with my husband David began on 1 May 2015 when after 3 months of symptoms he was diagnosed.

Although his journey ended on 9 September, 20 short weeks and 6 days later, mine did not. I felt I should not only honour the bravery and stoicism he displayed whilst enduring the disease, but also become more deeply involved in helping to find the cause and cure, so I applied to become a trustee.

The Association help not only those stricken but their family, friends and carers in every aspect of the journey into the disease and after. This vicious disease strikes without acknowledging age, gender or the hopes and dreams of the sufferer and their family. No cause has as yet been found and only through research will we find a cure. I hope with my experience of caring for David coupled with my accountancy background and my passion, I might be of some help with this quest to find the cause and longed for cure.

I am an accountant with 40 years of varied experience within private healthcare, hotels, architecture and print and design.

I am a dog owner and during my darkest hours after David’s death, they were my reason to get up each morning.

I am gregarious and confident and recently became a plus size mature model, which also involves the promotion of self empowerment for plus size women.

Having lived in Devon for 15 years and Surrey for 25 years, I now live in Northamptonshire where David and I decided we would retire and pursue our passions. Sadly however, I am now doing that alone. I hope to make a difference in the local MND clinical care available for my adopted county whilst helping nationally for all those sadly suffering with this terrible disease.

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262