Susan (Sue) Edwards

Sue Edwards

My background is that I worked in retail for nearly 16 years before retiring and working with the Learning and Development Team for the last 12 years training on systems and customer service.

My connection with MND is that my husband was diagnosed with MND (famile) in 2008 and I retired in 2011 to be his full time carer, sadly he died in 2012. I was already fundraising for the Association at this time and a short while later I was asked to join the Cardiff and Vale Branch Committee as a Fundraiser and when the Secretary retired I then changed roles and now I am Vice Chair/Secretary and Branch contact.

I was lucky enough to be accepted on to the Association Visitor training in 2013 which I found very rewarding. I was encouraged to stand for Trustee in 2016 and was delighted to have been successful at my first attempt.

With my personal experience and working together with people living with MND it has given me an understanding to recognise what is needed to ensure people get the care they deserve. I believe I can make a contribution to help achieve our vision.

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262