Past Awareness campaigns

Raising awareness is a vital part of the Association. See below for details of our previous awareness campaigns over the last few years.

Our focus in 2020 highlighted the support we provide to people affected by MND, thanking those who help us to do that and encouraging the MND community to reach out to each other.

Our message was that in these difficult times we can't hold each other's hands, but we could be there for each other, offering a hand of friendship, kindness, support, knowledge, love – and of course thanks.
We asked the question - on Global MND Awareness Day who would you extend a hand to?

The Dance is a short film created to by Jess Journo to raise awareness of motor neurone disease (MND) in honour of Wendy Gladwyn, who dedicated her life to the arts, but sadly died of MND. Dance performed by Dana Fouras. Music composed by Brendan Void.

#TakeOverMND / The Ride (2018)

Imagine a terrifying rollercoaster ride where every turn and loop brings you closer to death and you can't get off. That is the theme of our latest campaign. We portrayed the devastating effects of motor neurone disease as a rollercoaster ride and showed how it takes over lives in our film 'The Ride'.

We encouraged people to share the video and to include the hashtag #TakeOverMND in support.

#MyEyesSay banner

#MyEyesSay (2017)

If your eyes were all you could move, what would you say with them? That's the question we asked in our 2017 campaign - #MyEyesSay. Throughout June we shared the experiences of people living with and affected by MND.

We encouraged supporters to get involved by taking a ‘selfie’ and sharing their message through social media using the #MyEyesSay tag. These became part of a collage on the #MyEyesSay campaign website.

Shortened Stories - Underground Poster

Shortened Stories (2016)

For our 2016 campaign 'Shortened Stories' we worked with those affected by the disease, artists and filmmakers to bring to life three stories that have been or will be cut short by MND.

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