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An Association Visitor and a carer looking through our Carers guide.


“I think that sometimes people take on a caring role, but don’t realise they are carers and don’t get the help that is available to them.” Carer, supporting a person with MND

If a relative or friend has received a diagnosis of MND or Kennedy’s disease, you may feel overwhelmed and need time to adjust. Any support or care you provide may feel a natural part of your relationship. However, health and social care services use the term ‘carer’ to describe someone who provides unpaid support to others. Using this term can help you identify and access services – many of which offer direct support for you, as well as the person who has been diagnosed. Select from the following to find out more.

What to expect with MND or Kennedy's disease
What are my rights as a carer?
How do I get a carer's assessment?
What support is available?
What support does the MND Association provide?
How do I manage being employed as well as the caring role?
Are there any benefits I can claim?
How do I look after myself?
What happens in the future, when I'm no longer a carer?
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For further information and support, contact our MND Connect helpline:
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See our online forum for support and sharing with others affected by MND:
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