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Manw ith MND, his partner and their granddaughter in their home


“It’s about finding solutions to problems to enable life to continue as positively and optimistically as possible.” Family member, affected by MND

It can take time for family members and friends to adjust when someone close is diagnosed with MND or Kennedy’s disease. Discussion is helpful, but usually means facing up to difficult conversations and sharing challenging emotions. However, understanding each other’s needs can help everyone involved to feel more informed, and work better as a team. Select from the following for suggestions and resources to help.

What do we need to think about?
How can we have more open conversations about what's happening?
How can we manage the emotional impact?
What does 'whole family approach' mean?
How do we get our needs assessed?
What support is available for the family, including children?
What support does the MND Association provide?
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For further information and support, contact our MND Connect helpline:
MND Connect logo MND Connect Phone Number - 0808 802 6262

See our online forum for support and sharing with others affected by MND:
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