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The details provided here relate to a selection of newly emerging technologies that the MND Association has been made aware of. We are unable to recommend or endorse any of the technologies/products.

All product listings are for information purposes only, and are shown solely to highlight technological advancement that may one day benefit people with MND.

The products shown may be very expensive to purchase and it is highly unlikely that any of the services or products shown will be available from statutory services. If any of the products shown do become available from statutory services they will need to have been rigorously tested and approved by the relevant authority or regulatory organisation.

Wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories
Assistive Technology and Communication Aids

The MND Association does not currently hold any further information relating to these technologies – please follow the links to the relevant suppliers/manufacturers for further details.

This information is provided for health and social care professionals.

We recommend that people living with MND have a full assessment by a relevant health and social care professional, such as a speech and language therapist or occupational therapist, before any items of assistive technology are considered. This can help prevent costly mistakes, and equipment that may be unsuitable for an individual’s specific needs.

This page will be reviewed and updated every three months. If you want to see the technology that was previously featured on this page, then take a look at the archive page.

Page last updated: July 2017
Next review date: October 2017

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