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Following two surveys conducted during 2017, you’ve told us that the MND Association’s professional forum is no longer the best platform for health and social care professionals to share thoughts and ask questions.  As a result of your feedback and the decline in usage, we have made a decision to close the forum.

When will it close?

The forum will close on 24 January 2018.

What will happen to my personal information?

Any personal information provided on registration will no longer be available. All stored data will be deleted.

What will replace it?

We have adapted the Education Newsletter to include a ‘Professionals’ Q&A section. This will allow readers to submit their queries and receive a response, either from a member of the Education and Information team, or external professional experts. We will also be enhancing the Education and Professional content on our professional pages,  as well as continuing to share all the latest news via social media. Follow us on twitter @mndeducation.

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