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AV ImageThe MND Association’s Professionals’ forum provides a secure area for health and social care professionals who work with people affected by motor neurone disease (MND) to share expert information, experiences and to support each other with the challenges of working with people affected by MND.

The Association also uses the forum to share information and make you aware of education opportunities.

The forum is closed, which means you will need to register before being able to post anything. We have set up the forum in a way that encourages people to register in order to read or contribute to the forum.

We’ve already added some content to get you started, however, new posts can be added under the relevant topics.

Your contribution is invaluable, as it will encourage more members to join and enable more professionals to better support people affected by MND.

The creation of the Professionals’ forum was funded by the Department of Health through a grant from the Health and Social Care Volunteering Fund.

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