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Understanding MND training video

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Understanding MND is an introductory video for health and social care professionals. It features four people with MND, sharing their experiences of the condition.

View Understanding MND (running time 44 minutes)

To order this resource on DVD or USB stick, please contact MND Connect. Otherwise, please view the videos below.

You can view each of the ten chapters individually:

About MND (4:35)
Care and support for people with MND (1:25)
Diagnosis of MND (4:00)
Physical effects of MND (4:40)
Psychological impact of MND (4:20)
Respiratory symptoms in MND (5:40)
Bulbar weakness in MND (5:00)
Cognitive change, dementia and emotional lability (2:50)
Supporting carers and family affected by MND (5:50)
Palliative and end of life care (6:10)

Martindale Pharma logo Production of this resource was kindly supported by Martindale Pharma, who did not have any influence on content.

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