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Campaigning and raising awareness is a key part of the Association’s work and our local campaigning team is made up of four Campaigns Managers/Coordinators and a growing group of dedicated volunteer campaigners.  The team works alongside other volunteers and supporters, including branches and groups, to amplify the voice of people living with MND, raise awareness of the disease and influence local and national politicians and decision makers to improve services.

People affected by MND have varied experiences of the public services and support that they rely on, including health care, social care, housing and benefits. Given the nature of MND, it is likely that all those affected have experienced some problems with these services.

To achieve change, people need to know what MND is, especially those in a position of power such as politicians and people who fund and run services.  In collaboration with regional colleagues, the team work to challenge the structural problems that result in people, repeatedly and in different parts of the UK, facing the same issues.  They do this through delivering our national campaigns in the regions and nations and developing local campaigns tackling issues identified in their patches.

Our volunteer campaigners are an essential part of the Local Campaigns Team.  Campaigns Contacts are involved in a wide range of campaigning activities, including promoting our national campaigns both on and offline, speaking at events in parliament and building momentum for positive change in their local area.  They keep their local branch/group up to date on all campaigning news and activities and build support for campaigning locally.

The four Campaigns Managers/Coordinators cover England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Find out who covers your area on our map.

Please get in touch for:

  • Information about how to get involved in our campaigns as a volunteer
  • Issues with local services (NHS, social care, housing etc) which you think might be raised or resolved through campaigning, and advice on action to take
  • Advice or support on taking our national campaigns forward locally
  • Advice on meetings with politicians such as MPs, assembly members or councillors, and other decision makers.

How to contact us:

Picture of Helen Riley, local campaigns manager for the East region

Helen Riley

Covering the East: London, East of England and East Midlands


Phone: 07733 893108

Picture of Julie Compton, local campaigns manager for the North region

Julie Compton

Covering the North: Northern England, Yorkshire and the Humber and Greater Manchester, Lancashire and South Cumbria


Phone: 07811 280893

Picture of Rachael Martin-Smith, local campaigns manager for the South region

Rachael Martin-Smith

Covering the South: South West, Thames Valley, Wessex (incl Isle of Wight) and South East


Phone: 07702 336554

Picture of Ian Chandler, local campaigns manager for the West region

Ian Chandler

Covering the West: West Midlands, Cheshire & Merseyside, Wales and Northern Ireland


Phone: 07702 336552

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262