2019 Chief Executive's Appeal

Welcome to the 2019 Chief Executive's Appeal. You can hear more about the appeal by watching my video below. I hope you and your branch/group committee will be inspired to donate towards one or more of the projects that I have highlighted. Thank you very much for considering this year's appeal. We are extremely grateful to all of our branches and groups for everything you do - Sally.

CEO Appeal Project Options

Below are five key projects across care, research and campaigning towards which we would value a contribution, or you can decide to leave the decision to our trustees.

Update from 2018 CEO Appeal

  • Non-clinical Fellowships

    £102,000 was contributed by 24 branches and groups towards our Non-Clinical Fellowships, which enable young, talented researchers to lead their own research project. We have awarded two new Non-Clinical Fellowships in the last 12 months, one in Liverpool and one in Nottingham.

  • Housing adaptations

    £27,000 was contributed by 16 branches and groups towards our campaign on accessible housing adaptations which was launched in September. 850 stakeholders have been consulted, including people with MND, volunteers and members, and a report highlighting the challenges of housing adaptations, such as the cost and time taken to access services, has been prepared. This will push to ensure those living with MND are able to access the home adaptations they need, when they need them by local authorities providing better support and financial help, as well as ensuring shorter waiting times and greater availability of accessible homes.

  • Care Centres

    £75,165 was contributed by 18 branches and groups towards the provision of timely co-ordinated care for people with MND by our network of 22 MND Care Centres. 3,828 people diagnosed with MND were supported across our Care Centre network last year.

  • Support grants

    £29,150 was contributed by 14 branches and groups towards the provision of support grants for specialist equipment or items/activities to promote independence or improve quality of life for people affected by MND. £1.1 million of support grants were provided to 1,801 people living with MND in 2018.

  • Trustees discretion

    £16,000 was contributed by 7 branches and groups for the trustees discretion, and was used to support our work across care, research and campaigning. This was particularly welcome in a year which saw high demand for Support Grants.

Donate on behalf of your branch/group

Once your committee has made a decision about which project(s) you would like to support, please complete either the paper version of the response form or the online version below to give permission for funds to be transferred from your branch/ group’s bank account.
Complete response form

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262