Biomedical Research Project: Unravelling TDP-43 autoregulation – routes to therapy in MND

“This project is of high importance, being a new and innovative attempt to understand how TDP-43 pathology is triggered in disease and to identify ways to prevent it." Scientific peer reviewer.

At the centre of almost all cases of MND is a protein called TDP-43, which forms harmful clumps in cells in the brain and spinal cord. To understand more about TDP-43 in MND, we are funding a new research project at the world-class Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute and King’s College London, led by talented researcher Dr Jemeen Sreedharan. Over three years, the team will use cutting edge approaches to test thousands of different potential gene therapies on several MND disease models, with the aim of identifying ways of reducing TDP-43 to normal levels.

Because of the central role that TDP-43 plays in MND, this project could pave the way for new treatment development.

This project will cost £218,000 over three years.

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