Scrap 6 months Campaign

“It’s awful to be treated like you are not worth anything and feel like you are at the bottom of the pile. I have worked full time and paid my taxes and it is hard enough to live on benefits; it shouldn’t be so hard to prove you have MND and that you are not going to get better.” Person living with MND.

The Special Rules for Terminal Illness is the fast-track process for claiming benefits, but it requires a 'reasonable expectation of death within six months', which excludes many people with MND. We are campaigning for the Government to change this law so that everyone with MND can access their benefits quickly without having to go through the standard route which is a long process with lots of paperwork and assessments.

Following our campaigning efforts over the last year which saw us actively engage with many decision makers and our petition reach over 25,000 signatures, we are pleased that Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, has announced a formal review into how the benefits system supports terminally ill people. We need your support to make the final push to change the current law.

This project will cost us £10,000 for staff time, materials and expenses.

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