Investigating the interactions of the FUS protein in MND development

“This project promises a high reward and an opportunity to get a large return on investment. The technology is cutting edge.” – scientific peer reviewer

In some cases of MND, a protein known as FUS is altered. Understanding how these changes affect the cells is crucial for developing new targeted treatments for the disease.

This studentship project, led by Dr Caroline Vance at King’s College London, will investigate which other proteins FUS interacts with in brain cells, by focusing on the part of brain cells which contact and communicate with other brain cells (the synapse). To do this, the team will use two well-established mouse models of FUS-MND which mimic the features of the human version of the disease. They will also study the transport of proteins within cells which are known to be disrupted in MND. This will identify interactions that are critical for brain cells to survive and are altered in MND. Ultimately, we hope this will lead to the discovery of potential treatment strategies for MND.

This project will cost £97,310 over three years.

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