Sue & Frazer Connect Christmas Appeal 2017

"Sue really did fight for Frazer..."

Pauline Matheson Connect Christmas Appeal

"Pauline really did fight for Frazer"

Jacqui Roughton Connect Christmas Appeal

"Jacqui really did fight for Frazer..."

MND Connect blessed us hugely

“My stepson, Frazer, died of MND in January 2015.  He had learning and mental health difficulties, and became a paraplegic following a spinal infection. This was why his MND took so long to diagnose.  He died just 4 months after diagnosis but those 4 months would have been much more traumatic had it not been for MNDA support.

The MND Connect team showed great compassion and understanding but also the ability to offer reassurance and in depth knowledge.  Using just one line from an MNDA leaflet, we were able to secure badly needed Healthcare Funding, which was a great relief and reassurance to us.

I hope that our story may encourage more people to help fund MND Connect this Christmas.”

Pauline oversees the MND Connect team who provide a vital lifeline to people living with MND across the country.

“Between now and Christmas, we predict that 300 more people in the UK will receive an MND diagnosis. Their lives will be turned upside down. They may never even have heard of MND before – but from that day on it will affect every aspect of their lives, and those of their loved ones. They’ll be desperate for the answers, understanding and support that only MND Connect can provide.

Yet, because demand for the service is constantly growing, we need to make sure we have the funding to keep this vital lifeline available to every single person who needs it and we expect the number of people calling for help to be higher this Christmas than in any previous year.”

“Everything we do is because we care about people living with MND.”

“For all of us in the MND Connect team, it’s not enough just to direct people to where they can get help. If we have to ring round social services, occupational therapists and GP services to get people the care they need, we will. That’s what I think makes MND Connect different from other helplines.

The calls we get around Christmas are often more complex than usual and we expect that 30 or 40 people will call us for help each day over the coming weeks. If we can take even just a little bit of pressure off each of them, that’s what we’ll do – because everyone in the team truly cares about people living with motor neurone disease.”

 MND Connect is available Monday to Friday between 9am - 5pm and 7pm - 10:30pm. Call free on 0808 802 6262 or email

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