Cris' MND Appeal

"MND took my grandfather, my father - then my two sons. Now I'm fighting back."

Four generations of Cris' family have been taken by motor neurone disease.

MND – if you had an emotional reaction when you read those three letters, you’ll understand how devastating it is when someone in your family develops this cruel disease. 

MND (motor neurone disease) is rare, affecting 5,000 of us in the UK at any one time. But for families like mine, who carry an inherited MND gene, the fear that another loved one’s life will be cut short is never far away.The first time we heard of MND was when my dad was diagnosed just before his death in 1991. Looking into it, we realised that my grandad likely died of it too.

What we didn't know was that MND would appear on every branch of our family tree.
Growing up, you expect to lose your parents. But you hope never to lose your children. Yet in 2005 I lost my son John to MND too. He was only 27, very fit and active. Then 15 years later his brother James also developed MND. James died in January 2021. After so much loss, it’s just me and my husband left.

MND has taken so much from my family. It’s time to fight back. And the MND Association is leading the charge.


Will you support world-class research and vital care?

Dr Nick Cole, Head of Research Development at the MND Association explains how your donation could help.

“We’re fighting MND on every front. We’re funding ground-breaking research that will lead to more effective treatments for people like Alex. But MND researchers need your support to make that happen.

“And until we find a cure, we’ll need to keep providing life-changing support and practical advice to people diagnosed with this devastating disease, and their families. Will you help them with a donation too?”

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262