Christmas 2018 Appeal

Penny was diagnosed with bulbar onset motor neurone disease (MND) last year, which means her speech was one of the first things to deteriorate.

Penny and her husband have three grown up children and, in February, their first grandchild was born. She loves getting everybody together at Christmas, sharing good food and chatting for hours – but this year, MND will steal that from her.

The one thing that will keep Penny connected this Christmas is her communication aid. By helping Penny to bank her voice and providing a grant for a text-to-speech app, the MND Association has helped Penny to keep in contact with the people that she loves dearly, all in her own voice.

But this technology can be extremely expensive, and because the NHS is so stretched, people with MND risk waiting months for the equipment they need – if they get it at all. Thousands of people are relying on the MND Association for communication aids, because without us, they might never get the lifeline they need.

Will you send a gift this Christmas, and help give someone like Penny a voice again?

  • £30

    could help someone living with MND make their voice heard with a voice amplifier

    Give £30
  • £76

    could help stop someone’s voice from disappearing forever with voice-banking

    Give £76
  • £160

    could help give someone living with MND a voice again with a text-to-speech app

    Give £160

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262