Research is my life – but beating MND is personal.


If beating MND is personal to you too, please support more research like mine today.


I’ve been a research scientist for two decades. Watching motor neurone disease take everything away from my amazing father inspired me to focus my research on what triggers this awful disease.

My team and I are looking for answers that will help us understand MND, by researching the role of RNA transport in motor nerves.  RNA molecules are the little messages that travel down the motor nerve, before being translated into the proteins that cause muscles and limbs to move properly or perform in a certain way. This goes wrong in MND.

If we can understand which RNA message molecules are reaching the end of the motor nerves, and which aren't, we could find a key part of the puzzle that will one day lead to a cure for MND.

But researchers like me can only explore new ideas like this with funding - that's why we need your help.

If MND is a cause that feels personal to you too, please make a donation to the MND Association's 2017 Research Funding Appeal today. 100% of your gift will be used to help make vital research projects like mine happen – and bring us closer to the cure we all so desperately want.

Thank you.

Dr Alex Whitworth
Research Project Team Leader
University of Cambridge

Donate to the 2017 Research Funding Appeal


can help fund even more vital research like Alex’s to fight back against MND
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can help buy the equipment needed to extract and analyse samples, to further our understanding of MND
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can help discover new drugs, that could help lead to a world free from MND
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  I'm so excited to work on this innovative project. We'll work hard to find new clues to understand this terrible disease. 

Dr Leonor Miller-Fleming, who will be working alongside Alex on the project

How can I help?

Research like Alex's could hold the key to a cure for MND.

Every single penny of your donation will be used to help us fund more research.

Please give what you can today.

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