I’m doing this for people who will suffer from MND in the future.


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It’s a frightening, depressing illness and it’s been difficult for me to look forward to what’s ahead. That’s why I want to be as positive as possible – being part of research is my way of doing that.

As soon as I got the diagnosis, I asked my consultant which studies needed volunteers. That’s how I got involved with the AMBRoSIA research project here in Oxford.

I’m one of hundreds of people who get the full round of tests every three months. It’s all to help researchers find ‘biomarkers’ in our bodies – fingerprints of the disease which show how MND is progressing.

I can’t pretend I enjoy all the lumbar punctures and tests. But it’ll help scientists find a treatment for MND sooner, and for people who get MND in the future, that will mean hope.

Thinking of them keeps me going. Please, send a gift today and help make more research like this a success.”

“The dedication of people like John makes this research possible. AMBRoSIA is a partnership with patients: we couldn’t do it without them.”

Professor Martin Turner, lead researcher on the AMBRoSIA research project

Research can only happen with support from people like you.

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