I’m an ordinary guy. But I want to help find a cure.


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Professor Leigh's MIROCALS trial is testing whether a drug called Interleukin-2 could slow MND down. The theory is, it works by helping the body produce more of a special type of immune cell in the blood, which protects motor neurones. As soon as he told me about it, I signed up – it was a no-brainer!

I have to inject the drug for five days every month, for a period of 15 months. I don’t know if I’m on the real drug or the placebo, and to be honest I never give it a thought.

What matters to me is that I’m playing my part in increasing our knowledge of MND, and finding a drug that could delay it.

The dreaded lumbar punctures aren’t much fun – but if I had to have more, I would. It’s so, so important to find a cure or a treatment that will slow down the progression of MND.

Everyone needs to join in – taking part in clinical trials like I am, or making a donation. That’s the only way we will ever eradicate MND.”

“Apart from their courage in facing down MND, what impresses me most about the people, like John, taking part in the trial is their altruism. They have already contributed so much towards finding a cure.”

Professor Nigel Leigh, lead researcher on the MIROCALS clinical trial

Research can only happen with support from people like you.

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