A parent’s MND diagnosis hits the whole family hard.

This Christmas, will you give a gift to help a child cope?

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Andrzej, Edyta and their children, Michelle and Nathan

Having a member of the family diagnosed with MND is absolutely devastating for anyone, but it can be particularly tough for children who are still developing emotionally.

A parent’s MND diagnosis can place an especially heavy burden on young shoulders – they don’t yet have the tools to cope with the news that their parent might not be around for much longer, or the added pressures that come with watching a loved one suffer.

This Christmas, many children will be struggling to make sense of this traumatic news and will be at the beginning of an incredibly difficult and confusing journey. But with your support, we can help give these children the tools they need to cope.

Will you give today and help more children get the support they need to cope this Christmas?

Laura Willix MND Christmas Appeal

“It might be the toughest experience they ever face. But I’m determined to make sure children have the tools to cope with a parent’s MND diagnosis.”

Laura Willix
Children & Young People Services, MND Association

We’ve spoken with dozens of children whose lives have been affected by MND, and it’s clear that they need three key things: better information about MND, advice on learning coping strategies, and the chance to have fun, make memories and just be normal kids.

We’ve been offering support to address all these needs in two pilot areas – but we urgently need your help to roll out the project and reach more children.

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