Silence Speaks

Hayley's Story

Last year Hayley took part in Silence Speaks to experience in part what life is like for her Dad, while raising vital funds for MND Association.

silence-speaks-case-study-story-1Hayley Ladbrook’s dad Robert was diagnosed with MND in 2007. Hayley decided to take part in Silence Speaks in 2015 to experience first hand what it’s like to have no speech. Hayley raised £1700 and tracked her week on social media. My dad is my hero and I want to do as much as possible to support the MND Association”.

Taking part in Silence Speaks

“I did five days silence last year. I went shopping and tried doing different things while I couldn’t speak. I wouldn’t just stay in the house, I wanted to go out and do things to see what my dad has to face. I did a fun day with family, two days at work and I did a Saturday as well, so quite a few different things to really challenge myself.

“The most difficult part was I found it frustrating. Out shopping, people wouldn’t speak to me normally, instead speaking to me like I was a bit ‘slow’, like I was deaf and they generally spoke really loudly at me. I went shopping and was trying something on and I needed another size but I couldn’t get them to understand without writing something down. I was basically asking for a size up so I was pointing at it then raising my fingers up but the shop assistant was just too distracted with other stuff to realise or care.

silence-speaks-case-study-story-2Impact of taking part in Silence Speaks

“I spoke to my dad after completing Silence Speaks to find out how he finds things and he said it’s really hard work and people can turn their back on him. He used to be the life and soul of the party and now people sometimes can’t be bothered to wait for him to talk or they just can’t understand what he’s saying.

"I found that also happened to me. By the time you’ve got something out, you’ve written something down or used one of the speaking apps, the conversation has changed and everyone has moved on.

“Doing Silence Speaks helped us as a family because I said to my dad ‘what are we going to do to help you?’ and it made us try to face what’s ahead together.

Impact of MND on the family

“Dad can’t carry cups of tea when he’s walking anymore because his hands are affected by MND and they kind of claw up. That’s so sad because he used to take my mum a cup of tea every morning. Even if she was asleep and it went cold he would always give her a cup of tea the next morning. I don’t know why but that’s always been a massive thing for me because I found it so lovely but he can’t do that anymore.

"This year I’ll be trying to get more people involved; people I know and the school my niece goes to."

Take part in your own way

You can sign up on your own, as a team, with your company or with a school or youth group.

<strong>As an individual</strong><br>Take part on your own and get friends and family to sponsor you.

As an individual
Take part on your own and get friends and family to sponsor you.
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<strong>Create a team</strong><br>Get friends and family together to do your silence<br>as a team.

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Get friends and family together to do your silence
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<strong>Workplace</strong> <br>Encourage your workmates to get involved and take part as a company.

Encourage your workmates to get involved and take part as a company.
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<strong>School or youth group</strong><br>Teachers and youth group leaders get your young people together to take part.

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Teachers and youth group leaders get your young people together to take part.
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