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Latest Silence Speaks stories

Football Fan supports Silence Speaks

Marilyn Comley has pledged to stay silent for the duration of a football game, Marilyn said:

"I have taken on the challenge of Silence Speaks from whistle to whistle (including half time) at the Swansea City vs Leicester game on October 21st at the Liberty Stadium. Other fans know me as very vocal at the Swansea matches so if you've ever witnessed a football match with me, you'll know I find it difficult to remain silent so this will be tough for me. I am an avid Swansea City fan and - this is a true challenge! I am doing this in memory of my brave, amazing husband, Bernard - who died of motor neurone disease in 1977''.





Kerenza's Silence in memory of her mum

Silence Speaks - KerenzaHaving watched her mum, who was living with MND, suffer in silence, Kerenza found Silence Speaks a truly eye opening experience when she took part on 4 June. Kerenza found her personality and expression disappear along with her voice during the 24 hours, which helped her understand why her mum used to doodle when communicating – to add a personal touch. Kerenza is a real chatterbox and found connecting with her two young children very difficult. But the hardest thing to deal with was realising how lonely, sad and frightened her mum must have felt. Kerenza said: “I still can't believe my mum's life ended with her completely locked in her body. But I am so glad I kept my promise to her by doing the Silence.”

First Silence Speaks event held 4 April

The sound of silence spoke for Rebecca Smith who participated in our very first Silence Speaks event on 4 April at her workplace, the Cambridgeshire County Council. Rebecca is a real chatterbox and usually the loudest in the office so it was a tough challenge. To communicate, she used the same speech app on the tablet device her friend, who had MND, used. She managed to stay silent for the whole day and raised an amazing £716. Her good friend and colleague Pam who inspired her to support the MND Association in memory of her husband said "It went well and we are very proud of her".

Silence Speaks as part of 12 months for MND challenge

Julie Green is taking on a different activity each month during 2016 and Silence Speaks will be her June challenge. She's climbing, running and reading (yes, she read 12 novels in 46 hours!) to name a few.  She works in a student Uni office and her aim is to stay silent from 9am - 5pm at work whilst continuing her job recruiting students for the next year. Julia has set herself a target to raise at least £100 each month in memory of her Mum.

"My Silence Speaks challenge inspired me to do it again!"

Charlotte Jones took on her silent challenge on 21 April inspired by a young guy diagnosed with MND at only 29. She knew little about the disease but through Twitter learned about his courage and bravery and decided to support his positivity and Fight Back Fund by attempting to stay silent for 24 hours. She said "It opened my eyes to many issues that people with no voice must face every day. It so inspired me that I'm going to do another #silencespeaks in June after my exams and raise more money". Through her Just Giving page she raised a fantastic £240 and has pledged to raise more in June.

Louise staying silent at the Garden Centre

Louise Canfield and Gemma Lockwood work in the Carvery at a Garden Centre and will be serving meals over a 6 hour stretch silently! Louise took part in Silence Speaks last year in honour of her Mum and to show support for people living with MND who experience voice difficulties.  She found the challenge hard but despite that, has registered again with an even harder challenge. Customers eating Sunday lunch at the Garden Centre will be politely communicated with by using written messages to explain their silence and ask for donations.

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