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What if you could leave the world with a cure for MND?

What if the first time someone heard the words ‘you have motor neurone disease’, they could be followed by ‘but there is hope’.

What if we could dramatically improve quality and length of life – and everyone with MND could get all the care, support and specialist equipment they need? What if research could stop MND developing in the first place?

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Wendy hopes her gift will mean we can beat MND

When it comes to my Will, the MND Association was always going to feature. I’d like to think my legacy gift will one day help to create a world free from MND

Wendy Buchan


Your legacy

Gifts in Wills can account for up to a third of our annual income. We rely on your gifts to support people with MND and fund vital research in the search for treatments and a cure.

We won’t beat MND today. But a gift in your Will could make that future breakthrough possible – the one that could mean future generations get to see a world free from MND.

What a wonderful gift that would be.

For more information please download our 'Gifts in Wills' guide. Inside you will find useful information on how your gift will help to support our work in the fight against MND, the types of gifts you can leave and all you need to know to remember people with MND in your Will.

We strongly recommend you seek legal advice when writing a Will. The law society can help you find a solicitor in your area.

Leave A Gift In Your Will

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