Rob Burrow Tackling MND

Thank you for #TacklingMND

Two years ago, rugby league legend Rob Burrow announced he had been diagnosed with MND. Just as it did on the pitch, Rob’s strength of will has shone through, proving an inspiration to thousands of well-wishers across the country - people who know him and many, many more who don’t.

And that has translated into fundraising – money that is making a difference every day to people like Rob who are affected by MND.

Thank you.

In the last two years, 1,100 people have taken part in or organised a fundraising event inspired by Rob, tens of thousands of people have donated to the MND Association in his name and a total of £2,985,180.20 has been raised.

Thank you.

Thanks to the money raised by the rugby community, the MND Association is now helping more people affected by MND in Rob’s home county of Yorkshire and across the country.

  • A new project worker is helping to expand services for children, young people and families
  • A dedicated manager has been recruited to expand the service offered by the Association’s helpline MND Connect – in the six months to September 3,655 calls and emails were answered
  • The Association’s team in the North organised 113 support meetings and supported 149 volunteers in the six months to September

Thank you.

Thanks to the money raised by the rugby community, the MND Association is now spearheading more research taking us closer to treatments and a cure.

  • Our network of care centres is being prepared to drive forward clinical trials ensuring more people with MND have access to trials
  • £500,000 was used to kickstart a fund – now sitting at £1.5 million – focusing on drug discovery and development

Thanks to you, there’s more help and support than ever before for people with MND. And more hope for the future. Please don’t stop.

Let’s keep #TacklingMND together.

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For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262