Tribute Fund Website Service

Create a loving and lasting tribute online

Within a few moments you can create a Tribute Fund website as individual and special as the person you are remembering. If you wish you can invite friends and family to add their thoughts, photos and memories to build a wonderful tribute and raise much needed funds in support of MND Association.

Before you start

The Tribute Fund must be registered with us and given a unique Tribute Fund Reference Number (usually a 6 digit number). This is to ensure that all gifts made to the Tribute Fund (whether offline or online) are correctly recorded to it. We issued this number to the person who made the original application to set up the Tribute Fund.

Should you need to check this number, please call 01604 611864/865 or email for more information.

What is included?

  • A choice of sensitive, inspiring design themes
  • Many options such as Thoughts, Stories and Gallery
  • Easy to set up
  • Continuous updates to your Tribute website, free of charge
  • Full control over access and contributions
  • A sensitive way of inviting friends and family
  • You can raise funds for MND Association
  • Add stories and keep a personal diary if you wish
  • Add photos, music and video

An individual, special Tribute

There are a large range of sensitive and inspiring design themes for you to choose from to act as a backdrop to your Tribute. These include themes based on love, memories, flowers, seasons, the natural world and landscapes.


View more examples in our Online Tribute Fund Garden.

Fundraising total

When creating the online donation page of your website, please remember to select the MND Association donation link.

We will then email you (the creator/Guardian of the website) around the middle of each month with the Tribute Fund’s total fundraising figure, so you can publish it on the website if you wish.

This figure will include online donations made through the Tribute Fund’s website and any offline gifts like cheques or vouchers received at national office for the Tribute Fund.

Our website host

Our Tribute Fund website service is produced together with MuchLoved, a website host which is also a registered UK charity.

The MuchLoved host website also features a number of freely accessible personal help files, various support organisations’ links and online forums which you may of course use if you wish. However, the MND Association has not been involved in their compilation and therefore cannot recommend nor confer specific endorsement of them.

Create a Tribute Fund website

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262