Help provide specialist co-ordinated care for people with MND

Care for people with MND requires input from a wide range of health and social care professionals. Our MND Care Centres ensure people with MND receive timely and co-ordinated support from a team of MND specialists all on one day, under one roof, reducing the need for exhausting repeat hospital visits.  This co-ordinated care has been shown to improve quality of life and life expectancy for people with MND.

Last year alone, our 22 Care Centres helped almost 3,500 families affected by MND.  It costs us approximately £60,000 each year for each of our MND Care Centres, with the remainder of costs being met by the NHS.

Yvonne 225x300

“It is the Care Centre which has had the biggest impact for me.  Before being referred to the Care Centre, I would see the neurologist for around five minutes, who would say about any new change that was to be expected and out I would go, feeling very alone.

“After my first appointment at the Care Centre I wanted to hug everyone.  I was there for over two hours where I saw a neurologist, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, speech and language therapist, dietitian, nutritionist, palliative care nurse and had my breathing monitored.  I go every three to four months and feel very well cared for.”

Yvonne, living with MND.

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