Help people remain in their own homes and retain independence

Life with MND costs an extra £12,000 a year to cover things such as home adaptations, accessible transport, mobility aids, help with specialist care at home and increased energy bills.

These additional costs often come at a time when there is already pressure on a family’s income. They may be living off a basic pension, or if they are still working, they may have to give this up – either due to disease progression, or to care for a partner with the disease.

In order to ensure people with MND have the best quality of life possible, we provide Support Grants to help bring a bit of light into what can be very dark times. These can be used towards specialist equipment, technology or care items which statutory services are unable to provide, and which allow people with MND to remain in their own homes and stay independent for as long as possible.


“I applied for some financial help towards the costs of a mobility scooter. I was using a variety of things to get about (sticks, crutches, rollator), but I could still only manage a short distance, for example from the car to the house. Then I tried out a mobility scooter which was wonderful and gave me the freedom to get out and about again.

“The effect on my mental health was quite dramatic – I was mostly housebound at the time, but the scooter allowed me to get out into the fresh air, even (very occasionally) on my own. It was such a boost.

“This summer I had to upgrade the scooter as I needed better support for my spine. I did a part exchange for a new scooter, and the Association gave me yet another grant to help with the costs of the new model. This has been life-changing and I’m so grateful. It allows me to get out and do some leisure activities.

“MND is an expensive disease. There are so many specialist things which you need, and it changes all the time. It’s so wonderful to know that the MND Association is there for some of the big things. I’m so grateful for them, and thankful to them.” 

Nicola, who is living with MND.


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