Help children and young people affected by MND take part in normal childhood activities

The impact of a parent or grandparent being diagnosed with MND can be immense for a child as family life is turned upside down.  Seeing someone they love deteriorate can be frightening.  Younger children may not understand why the person is no longer able to read them a bedtime story; older children may take on a caring role.  Pressure on family finances may mean missing out on special events and activities.

Our young person’s grants, of up to £250, provide an opportunity for children and young people to have a break and take part in normal childhood activities – providing a bit of light in what can be very dark times for children and their families.

Robert Spotswood Young People Activities

Six year old Harry has always wanted to play a musical instrument.  He came home one day with a form and said ‘they said I can play the violin' but it cost £180 for the year.  We applied for a Young Persons Grant and he's now having violin lessons.  To be able to have the grant to pay for those things for the little ones means so much to us.”

Robert, living with MND

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