Help provide emotional support for families affected by MND

Our Association Visitors (AVs) are volunteers who provide emotional support and information to enable people with MND and their families to make informed choices about their care; helping to reduce the sense of isolation many experience.

The role of AV is a complex one and it is crucial that volunteers are well trained and supported.  All volunteers complete a comprehensive training course to ensure they have the essential skills to carry out the role.

We have around 300 AVs providing regular support to people in their local area through home visits or by phone or email.  We want to extend our reach in areas where we have few AVs by recruiting and training more volunteers to undertake this role.  It costs approximately £1,300 to recruit and train each new AV.

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“Barbara became our Association Visitor and was so important because just being able to talk to somebody was a massive support. I was able to ask how Barbara had felt because of her personal experience of MND, and just knowing you are not going through this on your own, that somebody else had been there too, helped me so much.”

Sharon (right), a carer. 

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For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

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