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Thank you for everything you've done to support people living with MND. When the pandemic hit, it meant that that we were ready to respond when people with MND needed help. People like Nicola who describes lockdown as a 'time of considerable challenge':

"I want to give a huge thanks to everyone at the MND Association for consistently being there for us. They've helped us through these uncharted waters. And to everyone who's donated to help people like me, I'd simply like to say thank you!"

You're also helping make sure that the future of MND research isn't jeopardised, ensuring that researchers can get back into the lab as soon as lockdown is over.

Alongside this, many of you have also put weight behind our campaigns to demand for proper support for people with MND.

Unfortunately there are big challenges ahead, as we face a drop in income and hope that you will stick with us, and keep supporting our work with a donation today.

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Keeping up the fight

Lockdown has forced many projects to temporarily slow down, but researchers like Dr Jemeen Sreedharan are finding new ways to work and taking time to dig deep on what they've discovered so far.


When the pandemic hit, people living with MND were left of the Government's 'extremely clinically vulnerable' list - so we launched a campaign to try and change this.

All hands on deck

When lockdown began, and the needs of people living with MND changed, we adapted our ways of working almost overnight to continue to provide much needed support.

Your support helps people affected by MND to get the help and care they need.

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