Three months in

Well, a little short of three months in the job, with a suitably challenging strategic plan awaiting delivery, I have truly transitioned from induction thinking to action mode.

We have set ourselves a busy timetable for the next year. Between now and July my team will be focussing on the following;

Developing principles of volunteering for the Association. For more information on what this is, have a look at my last blog.

Developing new Association models to help branches and groups to review and reflect upon their activities and consider priorities for the future.

Reviewing our Association Visitor (AV) recruitment and training processes to ensure they are more accessible to volunteers, and meet our needs to increase volunteer numbers whilst maintaining the quality of the service provided by our tremendous AVs.

We will be working towards accreditation for an Investing in Volunteering award. This will help us benchmark the quality of our volunteer support against other well performing charities.

We will be seeking to improve access to our volunteer information systems with particular focus on the Volunteer Zone and the Information Exchange to make them as useful as possible to volunteers and staff alike.

We need to establish some means to track our progress in achieving the strategy targets you helped us establish in our strategy. We will be surveying all volunteers soon so that we can measure progress on recruitment, retention and diversity. So please do help us when this request reaches you.

We will begin plans to increase the numbers of campaigns volunteers. This will involve detailed planning of the role itself, recruitment plans, support mechanisms and the tools campaigners need to be effective.

This is just a taster of the next 90 days’ plans.

Most importantly I am a great believer that where possible we include volunteers in design of relevant policy and procedure. Therefore I will be seeking volunteers to help us develop most of the plans above. So please do let me know if you would be interested in offering your skills and time to any of the projects above. Together we will produce more volunteer-focussed and effective tools.

I will be continuing to visit as many groups and branches as I can in the coming months so please do let me know if you are happy, or better still keen for me to attend your meetings and events. As you will often hear me say, volunteering happens in local communities, so I value the opportunity to hear about local activity as this helps me ensure that we at David Niven House are planning the right activities to help you.

Until next time, many thanks for all your wonderful contributions to the cause.

Chris Wade
Director of Engagement

April 2014

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