Get Connected Days in Northampton

Throughout the year we organise a number of ‘Get Connected’ induction days in Northampton. These days are for new(ish) volunteers and provide an opportunity to build on your induction so far and meet with other new volunteers and staff throughout the Association.

The purpose of the Get Connected day is to welcome new volunteers into their role with us. It aims to build on their local induction and help them see how their role fits into wider Association. They can meet other new volunteers, hear from Sally Light, Chief Executive and build their knowledge of how we support people living with MND.

This year’s Get Connected days are:

  • 1 March
  • 19 June
  • 26 September
  • 27 November

All of the events will be held at the Park Inn Hotel, Silver Street, Northampton town centre.

The days will help you:

  • Recognise and communicate our mission and key aims
  • Build an understanding of Motor Neurone Disease and the impact it has on an individual, their family and carers
  • Be familiar with the Association’s different areas of work and what support and information it can provide
  • Build an understanding of your role and how it fits into the wider Association
  • Be familiar with the Association’s policies and procedures and identify how key polices will impact on you
  • Acknowledge the diverse makeup of the Association, our supporters, volunteers and staff and commit to working in a way that is inclusive and treats others with dignity and respect
  • Know how and where to get support to enable you to be successful in your role

During the day, you will hear from our Chief Executive Sally Light as well as representatives from fundraising, care and a person who is living with MND.

If you would like to book a place on one of these Get Connected Days please fill out the registration form.


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