Section 5b – Resources

We have several resources that enable us to keep in touch with our volunteers about the work of the Association. We also have a range of resources which enable us to share information, guidance and templates to support our volunteers as they carry out their roles.

The News and e-newsletter
The News and e-newsletter are our key tools for communicating with volunteers. The News is sent through the post bi-monthly and the e-newsletter is sent by email on the months in between. They provide news and updates on the Association’s activities and also include information of how you can support these activities. They also provide an effective way of sharing good practice from one part of the country to another. We therefore encourage all volunteers to contribute articles in order to share good examples of what has worked and even what didn’t.

Thumbprint is our quarterly colour magazine produced for the Association membership. It is free to all members and meets the need for regular, accurate and up-to-date information and includes something for everyone including;
• articles on those affected by MND and offers practical advice
• current information on care related issues
• the latest research findings
• volunteering stories
• campaigns updates.
These are just some of the items you can look forward to reading about in this informative publication.

Information Exchange
The Information Exchange is a secure, online area of our website for staff and authorised volunteers to enter and share information about people with MND in their branch/group area, financial support requests and spending, membership changes and other sensitive data.

Volunteer Zone
The Volunteer Zone is a one-stop-shop for all volunteer related information and resources. It includes back issues of our publications, guidance and resources to help you in your volunteer role, as well updates on any ‘must-know’ volunteering news.

The Volunteer Zone is constantly being developed; keep visiting it as more and more resources are added.

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