Induction Section 6 – Next Steps

You have nearly completed the online section of your volunteer induction, giving you an overview of the impact of MND, the work of the Association and what support, guidance and resources are available to you in your volunteer role with us.

You now need to contact your Volunteering Development Co-ordinator (VDC) to arrange a meeting and to organise any of the following which have not already happened;
• your invitation to a David Niven House induction day
• linking up to your local branch or group
• any formalities which need to be completed, eg references, volunteer agreement, and co-option onto branch committee where applicable
• if you are carrying out a specific role on the committee, it may be possible for us to arrange to link you to a volunteer in another area carrying out a similar role who could support you through the early days.

If you have any questions or queries that have arisen from this online induction, the FAQ’s may help, or discuss them at your meeting with your VDC.

You have now completed the online induction. If you wish to re-visit any part of the induction, return to the induction homepage.

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