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Channel Islands fund research

We would like to thank the MND Associations in Jersey and Guernsey respectively for their recent financial contributions to MND research.

The Jersey MND Association is helping to support the project ‘A prospective observation of secretion problems in motor neurone disease (ProSec)’ headed by Professor Christopher McDermott from the Sheffield Institute for Translational Medicine. The project is jointly funded with Marie Curie.

This project is focussing on persistent drooling which may affect half of patients with MND. Professor McDermott’s project aims to describe how common this symptom is and how it is currently treated. Read more about this on our research blog.

Dr Ian Smith’s project ‘A trial of home monitoring for breathing difficulties in people living with motor neurone disease’ is being supported by the Guernsey MND Association. Dr Smith is based at Papworth Hospital.

Some people with MND experience problems breathing. Using Non-invasive ventilation (NIV) with a mask at night has been shown to improve quality of life, and may prolong life by six months on average in people with these symptoms.

Knowing when to start NIV can be difficult as currently there isn’t a standard method that assesses breathing function. Dr Smith and colleagues want to pilot a new way to measure this. The new device, known as a capnometer, can be used at home.

This study aims to identify if patients can use a capnometer at home, and whether this reliably identifies the onset of breathing difficulties. The hope is to increase the number of people who have access to NIV in a timely way.

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