Branch fishing fundraiser

Recently, fundraiser, Graham Walker, along with help from the York Group organised a fishing match fundraising event, with all proceeds split between the York Group and West Yorkshire Branch.

Graham explains more about the event and how your branch or group could get involved…

“In July I organised a fishing match in honour of my late wife, Anne Walker. Anne used to do a bit of fundraising herself before she was diagnosed with MND. She organised a series of quirky events, the star of which was always the fishing match which never made less than £2,000. The money from the match, which was held near York, is still coming in but local branches can expect to share around £6,000. This match is going to be an annual event and if you want a piece of the action, read on.

So what exactly is a fishing match?

The banks of the river or lake is ‘pegged’ with numbers where fishing is possible. Each participant draws a peg number from a hat and proceeds to that part of the waterway. At the sound of the start whistle each competitor starts to fish. Even with years of practice, the fish usually prove to outsmart the angler, but not always. The second whistle signifies the end of the match when the net is weighed and the contents are returned safely and unharmed to the water. The angler with the heaviest net wins the contest.

The way it works is that every match entrant has a sponsor sheet. Nothing complicated, just an unconditional donation. The competitors typically collect around £150 and with twenty participants, that’s £3,000. So I’m looking for twenty people to take part in the next event in 2018 and it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the first thing about fishing as qualified coaches and mentors will be around to help you. Here’s what Anne’s sister had to say about her participation in this year’s match:

“I took part in the Anne Walker Memorial Fishing Match this year, and much to my amazement never having been near a fishing rod in my life, I really enjoyed it! I had a great coach with me who not only helped and supported me but was great company too. I was very proud of the 30 fishes I caught, and in good fishing style there were also about 10 that got away. I will definitely be doing it again next year as it was a great experience.

I was really fortunate to have some great friends, clients and colleagues who supported me by generously sponsoring me. The good thing was I didn’t have to do any arm twisting either as it is such a great cause.”

If you or anyone else from your branch or group is up for the challenge let Graham know by emailing, all proceeds will be shared between participating branches and groups.


Judith Wright, Anne’s youngest sister.

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