How can a CAT help carers?

The Association recently conducted a pilot study with Edge Hill University using the Carers Alert Thermometer (CAT), developed by Prof. O’Brien and her team at Edge Hill University. Thank you to all the Association Visitors (AVs) who took part in the pilot study which has now concluded…

The CAT helps identify carers’ needs and support their health and wellbeing. It is a tool is to be completed by carers, alongside someone in a support position, such as an AV. A series of 10 short questions about the carer’s health and wellbeing highlight ‘alerts’ based on high, intermediate or low need and are shown graphically by the red, amber and green thermometer. A useful guidance section helps them develop a plan of action together and identifies local carer support services.

The findings of the pilot were very positive with many AVs reporting benefits to their relationships with the carer and also local professionals.

Following on from the study we will be introducing the CAT to all new AVs during their training. If you are a care volunteer in a supporting role with carers you can also use the CAT. In the coming months your Regional Care Development Advisor (RCDA) will be able to help you access the CAT tool and support you to use it with carers.

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