Project Butterfly update

In August 2015 we launched Project Butterfly, a volunteer led working group set up to discuss how national and locally raised funds are used to help people affected by MND. In September 2016 a second group of volunteers from a wide range of our branches and groups came together to discuss a number of key issues. Specifically around local reporting, funding levels and use of reserves. This has led to a number of changes for our branches and groups which will come into effect immediately.

You can watch Director of Finance, Linda Cherrington’s vlog, or read more about the changes below.

As Linda explains in the vlog above, the following changes have come into effect:

  • The minimum balances for branches and groups will be increased from £4,000 to £6,000 particularly supporting those smaller branches and groups
  • For the annual transfer you will now be able to choose from a combination of any 5 options. They are: Research, Care, Campaigning and Raising Awareness, Volunteering and Trustees Discretion (referring to preapproved activities from the board of Trustees).
  • The annual transfer will take place centrally on 31 March for all branches and groups but should branches choose to send payment across early this would also be very well received. The rationale behind this was to remove inequality between branches and group transfer dates.
  • We will continue to release CEO appeal in September, earlier than it has been in previous years. This will give you time to consider where you would like to allocate reserves should you wish to, ahead of the year end.
  • Centrally funded local care will be shared with branches and groups three times a year to encourage retrospective funding, this way you can look at what has been funded centrally to deliver local care in your area and you can contribute to this with your reserves retrospectively.

A further operational vlog for those closely involved in the quarterly returns has been prepared by Andrew Zielinski, Financial Controller, to illustrate the changes to the reporting spreadsheet:

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