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Voice banking – How can the MND Association help?

For some time it has been possible for people with MND and Kennedy’s to voice bank for free, enabling them to create synthetic versions of their own voice for use in communication devices. On 1st July 2017 the only service providing voice banking for free (ModelTalker) introduced a $100 (about £80) charge, payable at the point of downloading the voice.

While we encourage people to try and self-fund if possible, we do understand this is an additional cost for people to incur so if someone feels they cannot afford to pay themselves, we can support financially, thanks to our Charity of the Year partnership with Credit Suisse.

The MND Association can financially support someone who may want to use any of the voice banking services currently available – ModelTalker, CereVoice Me, my-own-voice, or VocaliD. This would be a one off payment up to a maximum of £500. At present current charges for voice banking are:

  • ModelTalker – about £80
  • CereVoice Me – £499.99
  • VocaliD – about £1200
  • my-own-voice – about £2000

We can also provide headset microphones and/or laptops if people need to loan these items of equipment to carry out voice banking.

To find out more about voice banking please click here. For further information about the support the MND Association can offer, please contact the MND Connect helpline for free on 0808 802 6262 or email mndconnect@mndassociation.org

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