Act To Adapt Phase 1 Set to Launch

For people with MND, getting the home adaptations they need quickly and easily is vital to ensure they can live safely, independently, and with dignity in the time that remains to them. However, there are significant challenges many people face in adapting their home, including cost, length of time taken, and poor information about the process. The MND Association Campaign, Act to Adapt (A2A), calls on national and local governments to develop a faster and fairer system to ensure home adaptations happen in a timely, efficient manner with minimum impact on people with MND and their families. Phase 1 of this campaign will officially launch in March 2020.

The aim of phase 1 is to build awareness and engagement, we have developed two easy online actions for all supporters to get involved in. These are:

‘Have Your Say’ - We will encourage people living with and affected by MND to share their experiences of housing adaptations and encourage other supporters/stakeholders to share a message about their vision for accessible housing for people with MND and why this matter to them. The power of sharing stories is crucial to the campaign, it will help raise awareness, influence and inspire support for our campaign.

‘Email your councillor’ – a simple ask from supporters to councillors to read the published A2A report, share with colleagues and link to the ‘Have Your Say’ action and encourage councillors to read the stories and leave a message of support.

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

mndconnect 0808 802 6262