Charity law and campaigning

Campaigning is a legitimate activity for a charity in pursuit of its charitable objectives, so we would encourage you to continue to campaign in your local area.  However, charities, including local groups, must not support or oppose a political party or group of candidates.  It is therefore important to be mindful of this when working with MPs, candidates and political parties.

Here’s some top ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’:


•  Do continue to raise awareness of MND with local politicians and campaign in your local area.  This might include asking your local council to #ChampionTheCharter.
•  Do continue to invite politicians to local meetings and events but remember to invite members from all parties where applicable, for example candidates from all parties during an election period, or local councillors from all parties (if applicable) outside of elections.
•  Do continue to publicise local political support for a campaign e.g. by posting photos on your website or tweeting a politician’s support
•  Do encourage politicians and candidates to publicise their support for your local branch/group or a campaign you are running


•  Don’t state your support for, or opposition to, a political party or group of candidates
•  Don’t use photos that could be interpreted as supporting a particular political party e.g. photos with branding/merchandise from a particular political party
•  Don’t name the political party of a candidate in your publicity material unless this is unavoidable.  For example if the party name appears in the candidate’s Twitter handle, e.g. @JoeBloggsLabour, you are still able to use the handle in your tweet and to re-tweet from their account

If you have any questions or want further advice on this issue please contact

For further information and support contact our MND Connect helpline

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