Principles of Volunteering

Last year, a number of you got involved in a project to develop our 'principles of volunteering'.

These principles strengthen and inform development decisions in volunteering.  They guide how we communicate, how staff and volunteers collaborate and how volunteers are supported.

The principles should also act as a guide to volunteer and staff behaviour, help volunteers get the best from volunteering and avoid major risks, as well as make good use of resources.

The principles are:

1. valuing volunteer contribution
2. supportive
3. collaboration and sharing
4. volunteer friendly communication
5. autonomy within boundaries
6. making use of volunteer skills
7. opportunity to learn and develop
8. recognising differing motives to volunteer
9. diversity
10. flexible time commitments

Our Principles of Volunteering underpin and inform development decisions in volunteering.  They:

  • Guide how we communicate
  • Guide collaboration between staff and volunteers, and between volunteers
  • Guide volunteer and staff behaviour
  • Help volunteers get the best outcomes from volunteering
  • Avoid major risks / make good use of resources

Chris Wade, Director of Engagement, explains more in a series of Principles of Volunteering vlogs.

March 2016

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