New group walks to d’feet MND in June

London's newest MND Association Fundraising group is striding out with its second fundraising activity of the year in June, with a Walk to D’feet MND along a wheelchair friendly route in Ilford.

Jackie Shafier and Sue Mason have already held their first fundraising event- a tea at Ilford Library in February earlier this year which was really successful.

Jackie, who lost her son Russell to MND seven years ago, says boldness and playing to your strengths are important when it comes to setting up a new group. "I think perseverance is the thing and to spread the word. My husband and I have been on fundraising committees for years, we've always done it. We used to do it for people with learning disabilities. I was chair for that and at that time I raised about £400,000 in a year," Jackie said.

Sue, with a lot of experience in organising events after a long career, similarly expressed confidence in her fundraising abilities but welcomed the support coming from the Association. Sue's father David had MND and died in January 2001.

"During my working life I've been involved in organising events so that's kind of second nature," she said, adding, "The association has been very helpful on every level, very supportive of any questions we may have asked."

The team is keeping up the pace for 2019 and is planning a quiz for later in the year. Jackie has this advice for people looking to get involved in fundraising: "Just go for it. Do what you feel you want to do. We've all got lots of friends or acquaintances so don't be afraid to go and ask them. People are amazingly generous, especially if it's something that's already touched you."

Words by Keiron Henderson - Volunteer writer

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